Awesomeness Meets Convenience & Savings

Awesomeness Meets Convenience & Savings

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Awesomeness... Delivered!

App Features
  • Single source to find...
  • Beauty.Fitness.Wellness.

    various choices in the market for beauty and fitness providers

    Beauty, Fitness & Wellness
  • Offers

    Curated and relevant collections of best offers in town.

  • Reviews

    Repository of reviews and experiences with deep insight.

  • Home Services

    various choices in the market for beauty and Fitness, Yoga, Dance, Swimming,... Instructors at your home providers

    Home Services
  • Top Rated

    Expert Providers in the neighborhood.

    Top Rated
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  • Imagine if you could...
  • Cash Back
    Cash Back

    Earn Cashback on your purchases

  • Personalize

    Craft your own Offers based on your needs at you discretion!

  • Ask

    Simply ask industry experts and hear their opinions or advise to your specific concerns!

  • Voice it
    Voice it

    Share your opinion, feedback on your experiences!

  • Real time

    Book 24 x 7, in real-time see the availability of your favorite staff

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Family + Friends = Your Power to Earn

Energize your family & friends with Beutics Referal Program. Tell them about the app and you both earn AED 10 – yes, you read that right! (T & C apply)

How it works
  • Invite a Friend

  • Your friend signs up on app

  • Your friend instantly earns AED 10

  • Beutics credits your wallet with AED 10

  • Start Shopping

Refer. Earn. Shop

Quick Facts

  • Days Support
    15x7x365Days Support
  • Cancellation
  • Secure Wallet
  • Earn Cashback
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We Guarantee Nothing... But Awesomeness

Don’t take our word for it... our Customers say it best below

Vijaya Potdar

Top 3 reasons why I use Beutics App
  • That’s easy! Cashback is my number one reason. Just love the feeling that I earn and save every time I spend. It’s a very satisfying feeling!
  • I can find providers offering services at home for fitness, yoga trainers for myself, dance instructors for my children. This is cool!
  • This app helps me find the best offers in town and, wherever I go. It’s amazing.

Sara Dana

Top 3 reasons why I use Beutics App
  • I always wanted to try other salons near me but, never gathered the courage to go enquire prices. Also wondered what if they mess up! It’s so very convenient and simple with this App now.
  • If you do your math, for someone like me, I spend a decent amount every month for beauty and fitness. Earning cashback to redeem for another service is seriously great saving!
  • Gifting is a blessing! My friends will remember me for the experience, and for me gifting ideas are plenty on this App.

Syam Kumar

Top 3 reasons why I use Beutics App
  • This app is very convenient to find best stylists in the market. When I read reviews from others, it sounds safe to try out and it has turned out really well.
  • As far as I know, there are none offering cashbacks on your salon, spa or gym memberships. The feeling of getting something back through cashback is truly amazing!
  • This I must say: when I had to cancel my booking, I was expecting to spend time convincing your team, but was surprised to see my money credited to my wallet in no time! Thankyou.
Customer Feedback

Vinodh Nair

Top 3 reasons why I use Beutics App
  • To be able to book any time of day and seeing my favourite staff’s availability is really cool. This was a big pain before to call the store and check their availability!
  • The App feature that helps find friends was very beneficial. I found a fitness trainer with my friends recommendation. Well thought of!
  • I tried Gift a Card to my best half on her birthday and it worked just fine. She picked up a spa service using that, she loved it, and that experience was different! Thanks Beutics.
Customer Review


Top 3 reasons why I use Beutics App
  • In the past, I have used other sites that provide offers, but this is different. I was able to find the best price for exact requirement that I had. I did not have to pick up something that just came along! Paid only for what I wanted.
  • Being able to find beauticians, yoga trainers, etc… is very useful.
  • This App helps me try new stores easily with such detailed reviews. I get to see offers and the stores review, its easy to make decisions now!

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