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Fat freezing, as the name says it, freezes the fat cells which result in weight loss. Coolsculpting is a well-known and common form of fat freezing therapy. People undergo the fat freezing treatment to get rid of their double chin, love handles, or fat bulges in the body. Is fat freezing worth it?

It has been stated that almost 25% of the fat layer is frozen but not in a single session. You have to undergo several Coolsculpting sessions where each session can last from 30 minutes to an hour. Body fat freezing minimizes the bulges in the body and is not a weight loss or obesity treatment.

Cryotherapy fat freezing for weight loss uses cold temperatures to burn calories. The theory involved behind cryotherapy belly fat freezing is that freezing temperature causes your body to work harder and burn calories to stay warm. This results in faster metabolism and weight loss.

Fat freezing, also known as cryo fat freeze, destroys your fat cells which means these cells will not return but still the results are only visible for a few months as new fat cells appear. Therefore, to maintain the results of fat freezing, it is necessary to have a healthy lifestyle.

Cooltech fat freezing is a permanent fat-reducing procedure of the body. It works on the cryolipolysis process where through a controlled cooling system, the fat cells are frozen. This results in a decrease in fat cells.

Body sculpting involves fat freezing without surgery. The process involved is fat freezing or use of heat through ultrasound or radiofrequency therapy. It is considered as a safe medical treatment with few side effects. Common side effects of Coolsculpting, body fat freezing, include redness, tenderness, bruising, tingling, pinching sensation, or firmness.

If you are not satisfied with those extra bulges in your body or you want to reduce your fat deposit, visit an aesthetic clinic for fat freezing. Book your appointment now in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the UAE.

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