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Beutics is an on-demand, fully interactive on-the-go marketplace that offers Beauty, Fitness and Wellness services. We are bent on using unique innovations and world-class technology in giving our clients the best value they truly deserve.

Anything this comprehensive is unheard of and Beutics truly brings a significant segment that is still fragmented yet thriving. There is a driving demand for aggregation and benefits thereof making the platform a creator of value to consumers and providers alike.


Beutics is leading the revolution in the industry, aspiring to build an ecosystem with an intent to be the single source of reference in one’s endeavor to look good and stay fit.  We are bringing in technology disruption to your city making people lives convenient and affordable.

The Most Comprehensive Franchise Investment:

For many people, owning a startup is an ultimate dream, but breaking even can be a herculean task. The reality is that only 10% of startups make it past their first year.

We are a leading mobile marketplace, providing fast, convenient and affordable Beauty, Fitness, & Wellness services to millions of people. Our core strength is centred on innovation, strong operational support and a proven e-commerce model.

Our guiding force and values include;

  • Flexibility : We welcome all irrespective of cultures, ideas and experiences.
  • Integrity : We hold ourselves to a high standard and operate with transparency.
  • Accountability : We honour our commitments, integrity and deliver results.
  • Care : We generously give our time, attention and action.
  • Fun : We love what we do, and we pass that feeling on to our customers and franchisee.

Ours is a business concept which ensures our customers get a high-quality, affordable range of services while saving more. The growth has been tremendous and you will have the system, support and procedures in place; to know where you are going and how to reach your goals.  Simply put, we strive to grow your franchise.

The Opportunity:

We are looking forward to leading a segment within the $ 1 Trillion market value and that is why we have decided to launch a unique franchise with an opportunity for you to grow with us. We are not like everyone else this is a flexible opportunity with a culture where you will have a place to act as an entrepreneur. Now, that is what makes us amazing.

A Growing Industry.

With more and more people making fitness/wellness a lifestyle, the culture is growing at a very fast pace and the industry is prepared to surpass its current market value in the coming years. Beauty & Fitness as a lifestyle has revolutionized the demographic of people who are constantly in the urge to look good and stay fit. The impact of demanding work culture, stress has given rise to people seeking spa services and tranquil environments. All these choices we offer on the go and near you.

A Paradigm Shift.

It’s evident that public awareness of fitness and wellness has risen because of the shift of focus to a healthier lifestyle. With social media burgeoning and individuals spending considerable time with it comes the need to seek peer attention- needless to mention the beauty industry growth. Therefore the industry will keep growing and with a unique opportunity to hump in for a franchise. The best time to begin with a growing startup like Beutic is now.

We Deliver More:

    You Bring:

  • Existing or non-business expertise.
  • Market exposure & it’s nuances.
  • Your desire to grow your own success story.

    We Give:

  • A solid and stable platform on which to build.
  • Our extensive knowledge of the business.
  • Our proprietary ingredients to succeed.
  • Initial and ongoing training.
  • Instant Credibility.

Franchising with Beutics will allow you to join forces and grow with one of the leading beauty, fitness and wellness marketplace in the world.

What’s The Hype About Beutics?

Just like other successful online marketplaces addressing Food, Hospitality etc, its only matter of time when this segment will drive high-profile investments. We have thrived in the UAE, set a disruption into the market with customers from different races and all walks of life.

The marketplace is fertile and our concept will thrive in other parts of the world due to the appeal for technology-driven innovations and fundamental need to create value.

The Global Network Effect

Beutics customer and provider demands in one country are no different from that of another as the underlying fundamentals seeking convenience and savings is prevalent and an equally desirable phenomenon. We have designed the marketplace to straddle both local and global network effects, as people from other locations also, require the same services and our driven by basic human necessities.

Our network effects are about growth in value through higher engagement rates and that is why our local/international marketplace addresses-


Customers Convenience

One of the major appeals of our platform is that it brings together customers and service providers. Customers are more likely to use an app with a broad range of options so they can choose exactly what they want.

i) Good Rating System

Credibility among clients is essential for all business. The reliability and trustworthiness need to be developed for everyone. Beutics marketplace comes with a rating system within the app for transparency.

ii) More Value & More Savings

Looking for the best money-saving beauty, fitness and wellness apps? Our platform is designed to provide more values while helping clients to save money.

iii) Our On-Demand Booking Services

Our on-demand service is perfect for everyone, in an era where customers are too busy. Making booking easy. More benefits include;

  • Simplicity
  • After a simple registration and some basic processes, you can use our on-demand services to book without involving any middleman.

  • Flexibility
  • This marketplace is safe and flexible enough to grab the attention of a huge audience and a loyal customer base.

  • Security and Scalability
  • Our on-demand solutions re-inforces a powerful security features to keep the users data more confidentially.

Blessing for Service Providers

One of the major appeals of our platform is that it brings together customers and service providers. Customers are more likely to use an app with a broad range of options so they can choose exactly what they want.

  • Brand Visibility
  • From a marketing standpoint, we offer the benefit of brand recognition. Whether someone has started a business or is looking at expanding the customer base, Beutics becomes the platform offering curated footfall.

  • Shrink Marketing Spend
  • Providers can leverage Beutics brand and its marketing prowess to attract new customers. This has profound impact on small and medium businesses with little liquidity to operate.

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Imagine the opportunity for a provider to show case their expertise and investment into their business. No other platform can offer this level of much desired publicity.

Simply Put! The franchise opportunity is comprehensive and well-rounded.

A Unique Disruption

Every day people are subscribing or joining a gym or a new fitness program. This step has aided the industry on a yearly 8.7% growth in the last 12 month.

If you are an entrepreneur, you would love these numbers. An annual growth of 3-5% is expected from the year 2020 - 2022. The market is expanding globally and about 36% of the countries in the world are expected to see the largest growth in the coming years.

We are a leading marketplace, this comprehensive, and that's a big advantage for our franchisee. We are a success story and that is why your future investment will be secure and we need to replicate more success across the globe.

Beutics is an unparalleled amalgamation of best of breed solutions;

  • It’s an App for on-demand booking. 
  • It’s an app like deal sites offering the best value money can buy.
  • It’s an app like Quora- Ask your doubts with no inhibitions.
  • It’s an App to find the repository of feedback or word of mouth references.

Now is your chance to find out why thousands of clients choose Beutics.

Why Franchise with Us?

Frankly speaking, an aspiring entrepreneur among many others has the option to open the “typical” brick & mortar style salons, gyms, spas etc. or, consider creating value for these establishments to stay successful and offer best quality of service. The opportunity to make a wider impact to the marketplace addressing not just B2B but B2C customers. This is truly challenging yet rewarding and satisfying business venture. Be the reason to help these institutions flourish. The grand opportunity to support smaller ventures to thrive. The benefits are enormous with these compelling features.

Ready. Set. Go

The quickest way to jump start your business venture by leveraging a robust platform ready with needy partners and demand driven customers. We take pride in our model that efficiently seeks minimal fund deployment in phases unlike others with large capital upfront commitment. Ability to leverage Beutics business acumen and knowledge capital to start revenues as early as 2 quarters. More details in later stages…

Early Adopter Advantage

It’s no brainer that we are looking at a category creator brining disruption into beauty, fitness and wellness marketplace space. Sensing the opportunity and seizing it at the right moment will set the stage for future growth within your country. Now is just a great time to become the hero in your city and expand your own multi-franchise outlet.

Scalable Model

Everyone brings in their own strengths to Beutics. Not only can you scale up, but you will also move alongside the trend and the service improvement we will be offering. Beutics has several exciting plans chalked out into the road map which our franchisee can benefit from.

Involved Business Model

A model that demands you to be active-effective than a mere passive adherence to corporate directives. Eliminating waste and inefficiency are key for any business owner. We’ve already honed our business model down to a science.

Full Support.

We know that when our franchisees succeed, we succeed. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive training and support program to prepare everyone to run their new business.

Owners Reliability

Like any business, this venture aims to maximize the profits and generate recurring revenues. Greater the value creation avenues offered by Beutics, expect predictable growth in income year on year.

We Have Your Back

We have drawn a comprehensive, simple and innovative model for our investors. A proven concept! We thrive on the tenets of simple operations, mobile innovation and an attractive customer saving culture. As simple as it may seem, the crux of success in this business in nothing but the business know-how.

We Will, Teach You.

Franchise partners get off to a fast-start with hands-on, practical training, coaching, and ongoing support that covers the ins and outs. You will receive extensive training from our team of experts and a range of tools to aid your success Beutics will also work hand-in-hand with owners to implement, execute, and track strategies implemented to the local level. And that is one of the reasons we have been able to go right into the market and compete favourably with others. We welcome owners input and simple have that rich model that none of those companies provide their franchisees such as

  • Virtual and in-person training for franchisee personnel and key managers.
  • Pre-sale support to recruit and acquire members prior to the grand opening.
  • Access to the corporate-management team for business & performance analysis.
  • World class training and delivery of platform usage, administration and management
  • Identify key business drivers that impact market and implement its effectiveness.
  • And many other…

Your success is paramount to our goals and therefore expect committed and dedicated help to come in forms to suit your venture and location from the inception to growth levels. Even as a novice with no relevant industry knowledge or business skills, we will walk you through.

Our Processes Are Simple And Transparent
  • Step One: Complete Our Online Form
  • Step Two: Establish official screening of interest
  • Step Three: Submit the Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Step Four: Review the franchise disclosure document
  • Step Five: Perform the necessary Due Diligence
  • Step Six: Agree and Sign Franchise Agreement
  • Step Seven: Make necessary Field Recruitments
  • Step Eight: Training & Ground Readiness
  • Step Nine: Prepare for the Grand Opening.
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