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Beutics has the feature of gift cards and gift services in the UAE. You can redeem the vouchers online. The gift cards are available on a number of packages and services. Send a gift card to your friend or family for their birthday or any occasion and make them feel special.

The gift services you can purchase involve salons, hair treatments with a hairdresser, spa, massage, laser hair removal, dentist visits, etc. Gift cards are available for different services and packages at different prices. Other than beauty concerns, gift cards are also applicable for gym, Zumba, or dental treatments.

The gift card will only apply to the gift services mentioned. If there is a difference in the cost of services as compared to the value of the gift card, the holder of the voucher will be required to pay the difference. These gift cards are non-refundable, non-cancellable and you cannot exchange them for cash.

Once you have redeemed all the value in the gift card, the voucher can’t be used again. Also, you will not be able to use the gift service to buy another one. There is a specified time limit for you to redeem your gift cards either in salon or spa or online. Once the expiry date has passed, the gift card will be no longer usable.

The standard terms and conditions apply to all gift cards.

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