Beutics : One-Stop-Application For Beauty, Fitness And Wellness Service

If you need an app that can basically help make your healthy living so much easier then the Beutics app is for you.

I’ve downloaded the app on iPhone and wow was I amazed. Once I opened the app I was greeted by Beutics, calling me Awesome and introducing itself, with the words being typed so it seems like someone is actually talking to me.

Beutics let me know exactly what it will help with being my one-stop source to looking good and staying fit. It made me feel at ease and that this app will make my life so much easier as it’s hard finding the time to book everything in a schedule that suits a busy life.

Once I entered my name it requires the app to know my location which makes sense as it offers services and deals near me to provide the best service.

Straight away as I signed up I received AED 50 added to my ‘Wallet’ with the ability to increase this by referring friends. So each friend I referred I got AED 50 added to my digital wallet.

After passing the initial setup stage there are various services at the top like ‘Salon’, ‘Fitness’ and ‘Spa’ etc and each service has the treatments that you select, cut and dry, the waxing treatments, acrylic nails and then after simply clicking apply and it will show all the salons near me, that offers those exact treatments I’m looking for. It has the ability to also book with the staff member I prefer. It saves so much time rather than talking to someone on the phone and flipping through a calendar getting flustered.

It has everything I need from Aesthetic treatments, Fitness services with yoga, trainer, and kickboxing, and Spa services with ayurvedic treatments to all the at-home services too. For me, my partner and the kids. It’s amazing. And that’s all in the Explore options alone.

At the bottom of the app, there are offers showing all salon, spa or fitness offers near me so the specials running at the moment. It’s truly the best if you want to save money and look after yourself. With the ability to get cashback.

There is also a ‘Did you know’ button which is my favorite, providing interesting facts and information about the latest aesthetic trends and a forum with a community to help each other find a service. Alternatively, there is an “Ask Expert” if expert advice or information is required.

This app is so easy to use, probably the best of it’s kind. Its light colors are appealing. It is very detailed stating all services and treatments with a simple tick option. Having previously used app’s I find they don’t include all services so you would have to call regardless, and an app that includes the offers. This has everything in one simple to use the app, everything in the palm of your hand.

Beutics app, presently servicing users in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah of UAE.

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