Source of Inspiration

“Just because Fate doesn’t deal you the right cards, it doesn’t mean you should give up. It just means you have to play the cards you get to their maximum potential.” -Les Brown

Fortunately, creating destiny is certainly in our control. Beutics seed of an idea and hope was born with that faith.

Beutics Inspired

We looked at the immense possibilities to create value to the beauty, fitness and wellness industry. On one hand we kept you (App user) at the centre and explored all possibilities of making your quest as convenient as it can get. Our realm of focus was global and therefore along with convenience we considered ways to financially motivate all users to save, make it affordable and help find value for money.

On the other hand, we looked at Service providers and explored mechanisms to improve their service delivery, flourish their business, popularize them in market. Not just that, we looked at ways to be a technology enabler to give them the real-time edge.

Beutics is ongoing gratification with the belief that we can contribute to positively impact the entire industry, derive better experiences for all.

Behind the Scenes

We are a bunch of ordinary professionals with Extra-Ordinary passion, driven by the desire to find meaning and purpose to:

  • Make a difference that matters to others…
  • Make a lasting impact…
  • Create fulfilling jobs for the right…

We are fortunate to have a great circle of well-wishers(love to see this grow!) with their shared experiences help us evolve our understanding; this in turn helps us get better on our offerings and thereby enriching your experience. In a way they all chipped in and this page isn’t enough to show them all! We love to hear from you, and should you need to reach us direct, write to [email protected]

Our Ongoing Pursuit

There is one thing that continues to be a constant at Beutics, our commitment to make your experience richer by:

  • Empanelling new Service providers onto the platform.
  • Curate some of the Spectacular offers from our partners and showcase.
  • Ensure our partners maintain accurate information.
  • Help our service partner network succeed.
Join our Efforts

You can contribute too! Your feedback is valuable and has immense capability not just to help anyone but as an opportunity for diligent store owners to accept them constructively and improve their quality of service. Your comments also help us improve, tweak and develop features that will enhance your experience. So, we look forward to your cooperation and together let’s refine beauty, fitness and wellness service industry.

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