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The Spa treatments offered include facials, massages, waxing, manicure and pedicure, Moroccan bath, hammam, body treatments, etc. We provide all sorts of ladies’ spa services to make you feel relaxed at the salon or at the luxury of your home in Dubai (Al Karama), Ajman, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah.

Are you finding it difficult to locate the most convenient spa? Want to know about the latest deals on ladies’ spa and beauty? We will let you know them all!

We provide offers for body spa such as massage, luxury massage, oil massage, Swedish massage, Turkish spa, or cool spa massage to decrease your muscle tension and make you feel relax.

You can choose a full day spa location where the services such as massages and facials are offered to the customers all day long at affordable prices. Take time out for yourself and spend one to two hours at a spa to make your body feel calm.

There is a range of hotels consisting of hotel spas packages for luxury spa treatments. So, while staying at a hotel you can enjoy the pleasure of a spa or it is open for the general public too.

Book your appointment and enjoy a spa day alone or with your friends. Revitalize your mind and body.

Ayurvedic Deals in UAE

Ayurvedic is a Sanskrit word where ayu means life and veda means knowledge. It is a massage that consists of herbal-infused Thai essential oils to meet the requirements of every client. This results in removing impurities from the body and helps in slimming.

Balinese Deals in UAE

We have offers on the Balinese luxury spa that provides full-body massage. It involves reflexology, acupressure, aromatherapy, and stretches to arouse the flow of oxygen and blood in the body. This results in deep relaxation, serenity, and peace.

Foot Reflexology Deals in UAE

In our foot reflexology massage, different intensity of pressure is applied to the foot, ears, and hands. These are considered as specific reflex points that are connected to other vital body organs. This treatment is considered to boost the immune system, promote healing, and increase circulation.

Swedish Deals in UAE

Swedish spa is the technique used nowadays to relax the body, improve blood circulation, and relieve muscles. In the Swedish spa, the muscles are rubbed with long, smooth strokes in the blood’s direction towards the heart.

Slimming Deals in UAE

Do you want to shed some pounds? Are those extra fats bothering you? We suggest you try a slimming spa to look slimmer and younger. In a slimming spa, the body fats are eliminated by means of high-end devices.

Moroccan Bath Deals in UAE

Moroccan baths are similar to Turkish baths. In a Moroccan bath, a public steam room commonly known as a hammam is where people go for the treatment.

Hammam Deals in UAE

A Hammam treatment, also known as the Turkish bath, is a public steam room where people visit to cleanse their bodies. A frequent visit to the hammam in Dubai can be quite beneficial for the body.

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